Our proposal is to provide facilities that go beyond the comfort of your bed and environment 100% clean. 

    This guesthouse is concerned in providing an environment where you can have great experience on island, like locals do. We expect that you taste the exchange of experiments, adding an experience closer to the local culture, an ecological experience, providing sustainable actions; we do believe that you do not need to come with a lot of money in your pocket for that. Pay a daily Just for services related, and, adding skilled and personalized services for every traveler. 

    With this proposal, we have created the AllBags Guesthouse; with this energy we say welcome to all friends, friends of friends and new friends! 

    The AllBags Guesthouse area is full of nature and surrounded by peaceful environment that we are very happy to preserve and cultivate with great affection. 

In our area, you can choose between: 

Cabins (good for 4 people) equipped with: 
    - private bathroom; 
    - LED TV;
    - ceiling fan;
    - refrigerator; 
    - sink; 
    - fully equiped kitchen; 
    - private balcony with a hammock to relax; 
    - towels and bedding included. 

Big house (good for 10 people) with: 
    - two bedrooms, 
    - living room with TV, 
    - fully equipped kitchen, 
    - two bathrooms, 
    - service area and, 
    - balcony with hammock to relax,
    - towels and bedding included. 

We do not serve breakfast. The main idea is to provide convenience in a peaceful place to our visitors so they can enjoy the island. Finally! We desire you to have a great experience, keeping always your mind connected to the natural environment and also, to make new friends. The most important rule is respect among us!

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