Ilha Grande

Imagine a beach with white sand, turquoise water, perfect waves, some rocks at the corner and surrounded by native vegetation.
This dream place exists!
But there is much more. This place is surrounded by other beaches with rivers that flow into the sea. At the same dream you will see well hidden and uncrowded little beaches, protected waterfalls in the heart of the forest, hiking trails with breathtaking views of the sea, caves that hold true delights and surprises ... And imagine! There are some communities living in this place, whose ancestors were Indians, slaves, pirates, Spanish, Dutch and many other. Feel the tropical and pleasant climate with lots of unspoiled nature.
You just create the environment of the Ilha Grande! On the island you will see all these scenes and landscapes, but the most delicious experience is being part of the experience.
Enjoy your holidays, weekends or any day you will spend here. If you are tired of the rush of the metropolis, just leave and enjoy the Ilha Grande. The Island will flood your heart with peace and energy to renew your life.

Activities offered by AllBags Guesthouse – Ilha Grande

  • Sailingboat class

To set sail and to have great experience at sea is one of the biggest attraction of the Ilha Grande. You, who loves or is interested in learning how to sail, to see how the wind is able to move a boat and enjoy the nature in a very different way, learn how to "hoist the color" with our partner. Aranui Sailing, which offers sailing class and chartering to our guests around the island. Please contact us and check the website for more information..



  • Tours onboard: Sailing boat, Power boat and Traditional trawler.

The AllBags Guesthouse is concerned to provide the best options of activities for the guests. The cool thing is that these tours are not going to the same place as the crowded boats go. We can plan a route according to your interests or for private groups.



  • Guided trekking

Here on island cars are not allowed. The only way to get your target is walking, or just taking a boat. This privilege lets you close to the nature, trails, beaches, villages, waterfalls, hills, etc.. The hot tip is to hire a guide using Curupira Association of Tour Guides and Drivers of the Ilha Grande. Contact us. Nothing better than walking the trails, guided by a person who lives long in the place and has the knowledge about each tree, species, animals and history about here.



  • Kayaks and Indigenous canoe rides

Riding a kaiak around Ilha Grande is a very enriching experience. To enjoy the sea and  appreciate marine life, to listen to the sound of birds and see the movement of water and have contact with vegetation and rocks that coast the island. Go further and closely to see and make stunning discoveries.
This adventure can be better if you hire a tradition canoe made of one big peace of wood. It was the main transportation of traditional fishermen and residents of the Ilha Grande.The experience and the exercise are both unbelievable!
Go go go...Go to rent a kayak and canoe and discover the outskirts of the village  by the sea.

Other Activities on Ilha Grande

  • Trails and trekkings
  • Scuba Dive
  • Schooner tour
  • Paragliding (Only for pilots with valid license)
  • Kaiak
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing

  • Mountain bike
  • Fishing
  • Stand up Paddling


The tourism sector is, today, one of the largest economic activities in the world.
Beyond recognition and the extent, however, the development of a tourist destination can lead to the depletion of natural resources, cultural heritage and mischaracterization unstructured social network.
When fate starts to lose its charm because of it, is abandoned by tourists in search of a new paradise, and other negative consequences for businesses, residents and the environment.
The new paradigm of Sustainable Tourism considers the cultural authenticity, social inclusion, conservation of the environment and quality of services as fundamental elements for the economic viability of tourism in the long term.
"A sustainable tourism development meets the needs of present tourists and receiving regions while protecting and increasing opportunities in the future. Assume that leads to management of all resources in a way that the economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while the cultural integrity, essential biological processes, biological diversity and life support systems are maintained "(World Organization Tourism).

Given these assumptions, the AllBags Guesthouse offers innovations in its way of functioning, welcoming visitors and mainly cooperate with the environment and with people who share the same common good. Give your collaboration. Click here <contact> and send your suggestions.

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