The AllBags Guesthouse is situated on the main Village of Ilha Grande, the Village is called Abraão. The island is part of Angra dos Reis City, Rio de Janeiro State, Southeast of Brasil.

Today it is possible to get on the island fairly easy:

- From Mangaratiba City: The distance from Mangaratiba to Abraão Village - Ilha Grande is about 24 km (12NM), and it takes  2 hours approximately to get there. Actually it is not the best choice because there are not many boats crossing the bay.

- From Angra dos Reis City: The distance from Angra dos Reis to Abraão Village - Ilha Grande is about 20 km (10NM), and it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately to get there. It is the best option if you are coming from São Paulo. You can choose get onboard of a nice catamarã which goes faster than other boats, and the trip will be no longer than 50 minutes.

- From Conceição de Jacareí Village: Between Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba City, the Conceição de Jacareí Village is the most popular harbour for people who wanna a quick step on land. The journey from "Conceição" ' to the Island, using power boat, takes only 15 minutes, however you will pay the price. The rate is a little bit expensive than the other places, with the power boat leaving every hour.

- Cars are not allowed on island. If you are thinking in coming using a car, you will must pay a carpark, which is not so cheap.
- There is no ATM, neither bank on island;
- Some restaurants and shoppings do not accept credit cards.
- The energy is 110Volts. - Have a glance on Brazilian standard plug - CLICK HERE

Once on Island
First of all, you are more than welcome! Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the nature. We are very happy to have you as our guest.


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